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A brief overview...
For over 35 years we have helped companies from all branches in finding solutions for stock and information logistics. Our software department develops simple and cost-efficient yet also comprehensive warehouse organisation programmes for small and middle sized companies. Mobile data capturing and wireless online access and data transmission has become affordable for everybody and greatly enhances the efficiency of warehouse logistics.

By using orientation aids like signposts, orientation boards or labels for storage location, package size and articles, (produced in our own print shop) we provide visible guides for finding the right article or location quickly.

With self-adhesive pouches, profile rails, hook pouches and magnetic C-profiles we can convey information efficiently and so establish order and provide you with an overview - also in your warehouse.

We can assist with the implementation of logistics measures. Should you need to relocate your company, then we also have the right logistics solution for you – because „good organisation is half the move!" Our assembly teams are fast and will label small and large warehouses turnkey all over Europe.

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About us...
FKM Lagerorganisation was founded in 1974 as an one-man business and is a proprietary limited company since 1990 with a capital of Fr. 200'000.- The company founder was Dieter Kaltenbach and the current managing director is Rémy Zuberbühler.

We currently employ 12 people in production (print shop, manufacturing and assembly), administration and transportation. In addition another 30 temporary people (students, trainees, housewives etc) are available on call for assembly work.
Since 1996 we reside in our own large premises in Wernetshausen. We have a modern office with 10 workstations, manufacturing and storage space situated in a rural and idyllic location 750 meter above sealevel.

Our History ...

The company was founded by Dieter Kaltenbach in 1973 with the aim of disseminating his knowledge and experience about warehouse organisation systems to a wider public. Back then logistics was not spoken of as the core competency of a company. But there is a story, that preceded the founding of the company: The founder of the company had to organize the warehouse of a swiss manufacturer of agricultural machines with large amounts of stock of half done and spare parts. Sorting the parts systematically took up much space and required specialised knowledge of the material on behalf of the warehouseman. So the challenge was to develop a system, that worked independently of the training or memory of the employees and that in addition made optimal use of the available space.

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So FKMRapid, a manual warehouse system (basically a filing card system), was developed that soon after registered a worldwide patent. Even at that early stage, Dieter Kaltenbach had already integrated some useful tools of modern warehouse organisation, like systematic or chaotic warehouse allocation, a volume-orientated stock admission strategy and the First-In/First-Out (Fifo) System. FKMRapid was fully functional although it was still some time before computers were employed. Even today FKMRapid is still used in new warehouses because it works independantly of language, has multiuser capabilities and fascinates with its simplicity and safety.

In the 1980s branches were set up in Stuttgart and the french town Saint Louis. Soon after further agencies were opened in Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands.

FKM started using computers at an early stage. Warehouse software solutions were developed and he in-house print shop used the first themotransfer printers to print warehouse location and article labels for clients. In 1993 the software department was outsourced and established as a seperate company, FKMSoftware, in Stuttgart. Here the further development of software for warehouse organisation continued, using the latest software standards (Windows and SQL) specialising in small and middle sized companies with affordable applications for paperless or near-paperless warehouse management.

The founder sold his company to Rémy Zuberbühler in 1994. „After taking over the company, we changed a few thing regarding the products and the sales organisation." says managing director Rémy Zuberbühler. „We greatly enhanced the service character, which now has developed into a main pillar". In 1996 the company moved to Wernetshausen in the Zürich highlands were it currently employs 12 full time and up to 30 temporary people.

The portfolio consists of sytems for enterprise resource management and warehouse organisation – combined with the necessary hard and software. The advantage: The systems are adaptable to almost every platform, can be integrated into all Windows programmes and can be extended to a management system with additional technologies like barcode scanners sending data wirelessly in real time. „We store according to chaotic criteria, i.e. controlled and chaotic confusion creates more space and free time and in end effect also saves costs.", says Rémy Zuberbühler explaining the features of the FKM solution. „We enable the client to generate unused advantages in warehouse organisation with very little effort."

Four products i.e. services have been set up at FKM out of the developement and the practical work in the market: In addition to the efficient solutions provided for manual, visual or computer based warehouse organisation, another important activity developed – the implementation service. Complete warehouses are equipped turnkey by FKM employees with all the necessary signposts, shelfboards, location labels etc. within very short delivery periods throughout Europe. The in-house print shop quickly produces boards and barcode labels for warehouse and packager labelling. Special materials are used for that purpose. Information systems in the form of self-adhesive, magnetic or hook pouches are produced. With these products we pay special attention to them being small assistants with great use – always with the aim of making workflows within a company visable with support and simplification.

Well-known companies from all branches of industry use the products and services of FKM. You can view these on our clients and reference page. We plan to become more active abroad and to further expand in countries like Austria. In this way we look forward to healthy expansion in addition to the 10 to 30% annual growth.
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