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Visual Product Labelling System Lagfit
Manual Rapid

Have a look on the Movies of our Warehouse Organisation Software

 Movie Stock Receipt
 Movie Stock Admission
 Movie Stock Commissioning
 Movie Stock Redistribution
 Movie Stocktaking

Visual Product Labelling System Lagfit

A simple, efficient and reasonably priced system
for C and D articles or industries with high turnover.

The following infrastructure is required:

 • systematic warehouse location order
 • information carrier at the storage location
   (Scanner profile or self-adhesive pouches)
 • Lagfit-Infocards for inserting into the information carrier
All the required information can be transferred with the infocard of the Lagfit-System
The card has a green field on the front with an oval field containing the required target stock.The bottom half is yellow. The reverse side is completely red.
Position 1   Position 2
Sufficient stock available   Less than minimum stock
Position 3   Position 4
Stock ordered but not in stock yet   Sufficient Stock
Manual Rapid
Manual Warehouse System

We bet there are still reserves in your warehouse. Maximise the capacity of your warehouse with the chaotic warehouse management system.
Without FKM Warehouse Organisation

How much empty space are you storing?

In the purely systematic stock-keeping system, all products are stored in a specific location and therefore waste space.

Where should these pallets be put?

With FKM Warehouse Organisation
Warehouse Organisation Software for the management of master data or for integration with all the possibilities that a major system offers. Great performance at a small price.

The following films explain the Warehouse Oanisation Software in detail:
To view the videos you need the FLASH 8 Plugin installed. This can be downloaded >here

 Movie Stock Receipt

 Movie Stock Admission

 Movie Stock Commissioning

 Movie Stock Redistribution

 Movie Stocktaking


Mobile data capturing – online and in realtime – for simplifying standard workflows. Enabling high efficiency and a corresponding reduction of errors when setting up and admitting stock.

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